EZ Schematics v4.0414 Full Keygen | Skema Diagram Elektronika

Program EZ Schematics v4.0414 ini dirancang oleh seorang tukang listrik industri dengan lebih dari 20 tahun pengalaman, baik tips dan pelatihan dalam kendali logika relay (serupa dalam banyak hal dengan logika PLC). Aplikasi, didirikan dalam format diagram garis, menyediakan pengguna akhir dengan kemampuan untuk dengan cepat dan mudah mengubah konsep-konsep logis menjadi profesional diplayed listrik skematis.

What makes EZ Schematics a better CAD program for producing electrical schematics includes the following:

  1. Ease of use. There’s no other Cad program available that’s easier tolearn than EZ Schematics.
  2. Every electrical symbol is created in 1/2″ scale increments designed to align perfectly with the default snap (also set at 1/2′), thus making precise placement of the symbols a simple procedure.
  3. Only symbols pertinent to typical U.S. electrical schematics are available (approx. 60). Thus, there’s no waste of time in pouring over thousands of choices.
  4. When inserting a symbol, smart choice labeling is employed. For example, when inserting a control relay coil, “CR” is automatically attached as the standard beginning label anticipating it to be followed by “1” or “2”, etc.
  5. The “Line” control (the most popular device) becomes readily available by simply double-clicking anywhere in the drawing.
  6. Labeling the wire numbers is performed easily and precisely. Just click and type at the location of choice.

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