Download Top Gun : Combat Zones PC Game

With more than 36 missions, including academy tutorial, Top Gun lets you experience every single situation a jet fighter pilot can have. High-altitude dogfights, low-flying blitz attacks, military and civil rescues, City/Arctic/Night/Day missions…you’ll have to fight against dozens of different airborne and ground-based enemies to prove worthy of the Top Gun Pilot rank!

Top Gun: Combat Zones
PC game | Language: English | Size: 342 MB
Genre: Jet Sim

Features :
* 36 different missions set over three distinct periods of time Master the Navys top planes: F-14, F-18, F-22, plus 5 bonus unlockable planes–F-4 Phantom, JSF, YF-23, Osprey, Harrier
* Astounding and detailed graphics, particularly in low-level flying combat to emphasize arcade action over mere piloting
* Changing light and weather conditions
* Bonus scoring system rewards your low-level flying and expert maneuvering
* Incredible Replay mode enables the review of the entire mission through all sorts of visceral camera angles
* Build an unlimited number of new missions, choosing your plane, terrain, difficulty level and opponents with Quickstart mode

Top Gun: Combat Zones PC Game Screenshot




Download Top Gun: Combat Zones PC Game

Part 1  |  Part 2  |  Part 3 


One Response to “Download Top Gun : Combat Zones PC Game”

  1. Immanuel Mentose Says:

    How do I extract it and put it together… Help please, some step by step instruction might help

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